View of the Dvořák room and the original signed imperial-sized photographic image of Dvořák by William Spiess, dating from circa 1893.

Photo credit: Roman Franc

The Dvořák Room - part exhibition space, part study room and home to the Dvořák American Heritage Association - is located on the third floor of the Bohemian National Hall.  It displays a variety of artifacts and memorabilia from Dvořák's years in New York City.  The marble mantelpiece that graced the parlor where Dvořák composed his American masterpieces, rescued from the razed house, provides a focal point for the room. DAHA has outfitted the space with period furnishings and display cases, striving to re-create the late-nineteenth-century ambiance in which Dvořák lived in New York City. The weighty bronze plaque formerly affixed to the façade of the Dvořák House on East 17th Street has been mounted in the third floor reception area adjacent to the Dvořák Room.  Through this room and numerous public programs, DAHA exhibits a continuing commitment to studying and presenting  Dvořák, Czech musical culture and the legacy of Dvořák's American years, illuminating for present and future generations the story of Dvořák in America. The Dvořák Room is open during regularly scheduled events and by appointment. For further information, please contact

Article of interest about the Dvořák Room: The Dvořák House, the Dvořák Room, and a “Historical Memory Bank”

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View of the Dvořák room showing the historic Italianate mantlepiece removed from Dvořák's House before demolition in 1991 and the Dvořák statue (in plaster) by the Croatian American sculptor Ivan Meštrović.

Photo credit: Roman Franc